The Colour Journal is a publication exploring colours within the arts and photography.

It is set to publish a collection of six volumes, each dedicated to a single colour: blue, red, yellow, green, white and black.

For general enquiries please contact:

For distribution enquiries please contact:
Editor in Chief & Creative Director
  1. Benjamin Grillon
  1. Rosanna McLaughlin
Art Direction
  1. Aurélie Michaud
  2. Jessica Pichet
Contributing Artists
  1. David Abrahams, Jeff Boudreau, Charles Fréger, Alexandre Guirkinger, Robbie Lawrence, Raffard-Roussel, Daniel Shea
Contributing Writers
  1. David Campany, Philonema Epps, Alexandra Genova, Liam Hess, Tim Ingold, Rosanna Mclaughlin, Robin Muir, Michel Pastoureau, Bertrand Raison
Website Development
  1. Rive
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